Tuesday, September 13, 2016

CE Stopped Working?

  • On starting a level: "InitD3D fails".
  • Configure / options shows no available resolutions.
If you have updated your 3d card lately or your PC/laptop is simply new, then CE may have stopped working with the above symptoms. It appears that ce.exe may be misinterpreting directx GPU make/model and resolution capability information for newer model 3d cards / drivers and is trying to start games with a corrupted screen resolution.

I don't yet know if its CE's fault, or a directx, or a driver problem. My guess it is CE not handling extra long model information strings and/or long GPU resolution capability lists and is corrupting its memory.

It may be a while before I fix the problem properly, but I have a quick fix patch in the interim. The patch simply hard-codes a game resolution into ce.exe, specifically 1920 x1080 @ 32 BPP. The patch may be applied to CE versions 1.42 and up. (Do not use it on ce v1.36 or older, it will not work.)

Get the patch here.

Open "ce142ForceRes.xsc" in a text editor for info on how to apply the patch. As mentioned, the patch is currently set to hard-code the game to 1920x1080, but if you know hexadecimal you can easily update the script to hard-code other resolutions.

Thanks to Skjalg and others for bringing this to my attention.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Codename Eagle Replay Server

This program replays a previously recorded CE multi-player game session within the actual CE game client. The program does this by emulating a CE server and playing back the game session to the client.

This is made possible by the fact thet CE is a 100% server based game in that all shared game variables are server controlled. (The disadvantage of this is that this makes for a horribly laggy internet gaming experience and thus CE can really only be enjoyed as a LAN game. Typically in modern FPS mutli-player game only a percentage of variables will be server based {e.g. projectile positions} and the remaining variables will be client based {e.g. local player world position and orientation}.)

For more information and instructions, refer to the readme file that comes with the replay server program.

{A link to the program to go here}

Screenshot of the CE replay server program:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Log Replay Tool

This is a small program that will playback a recorded ce multiplayer game in a in 2D map. This program only works for the official CE multiplayer maps (unmodified).

To record a match:

Simply, before joining, replace the intended level's red.scr file with a modified red.scr file that will record a mutlipler game to the CE error.log text file located in c:\

Level numbers are:

Name:No mans land Val:128
Name:Breakpoint Val:129
Name:The palace Val:130
Name:Carrier war Val:131
Name:The airbase Val:132
Name:Fever valley Val:248
Name:Fortress Val:133

E.g. to record a No Man's Land match navigate to the ce\level128 directory and replace red.scr with the one that came with the CE Replay Tool.

NB The red.scr file only needs to be updated/installed on the client PC logging the game.

Then play, kill, win. When finsihed, quit CE, run the CEReplayTool.exe and load c:\error.log.

Thats it.

Enjoy finding out where that darn team-mate went off to at a critical moment.

Technical support is not provided so don't ask

Original map textures cannot redistributed with this program, so dont ask for them either.

Here are some examples of the CE Log Replay Tool:

In the above e.g., player's positions are represented by circles, the higher they are the larger the circle, also, stats like health, armor, ammo & fuel and whether or not a player is carrying the flag are also indicated. The scroll-bar at the bottom controls the replay.

In the bottom e.g. this shows the entire track in an hour long 3vs3 fortress map.

To get the CE Log Replay Program click here (linked updated 21 dec 2011)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Map Editing in Codename Eagle

Currently a work in progress but click the link to see what information I have published so far.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dafoosa's Unofficial Patch v1.4.2 -> v1.4.3

ce.exe v1.4.3 Features:

- Removes the 2000 limit on the 'viewdist' command line parameter. Draw the whole map every frame! Recommend ~ 5000

- Removes the zoom-out limit in the F9 view

- Removes the zoom-in limit in the F9 view (not so useful except for those extreme machinima closeups)

- Removes 100 ... 500 limit on the Field of View (FOV) F12 command line parameter (250 is default). Warning dont go much outside the original limits.

- Lengthened the vehicle popup distance so vehicles appear in the distance sooner. (NB CE must be set to high detail for this to work)

- Fixed CE hanging intermittently upon exiting the torpedo boat. This makes maps with torpedo boats now fully playable in multiplayer.

- Fixed Font scaling at higher resolutions so text does not overlap and it can be clearly read

- Similarly fixed the version display on the level load screen so it can be read at higher resolutions.

- Show teammates as a "T" symbol in the tab map (Todo: Hide phantom player re dedicated servers)

- Fixed bug in the scripting function "REFGetPlayerInx(PlayerNr, Inx)" to allows it to handle undefined PlayerNr's

CE really looks spectacular @ 1280x1024 with full Anti-Aliasing and a viewdist of 5000

Download the patcher here (link fixed 21 dec 2011).

Game.exe / Ce.exe Command Line & F12 Parameters

Mouse sensitivity. 1...15 Default = 5 (+ve is more sensitive)
Used with the in-game editor only, not applicable to the CE command line command. Places a new object in the map in edit mode.
100 ... 2000
Field of View 100 ... 500
fr on
Frame Rate display - Turn on
fr off
Frame Rate display - Turn off
Connect to server with IP x.x.x.x
Kills you in 10 secs
Swap Sides
kick "playername" (omit quotes)
Server only
Server only
Server only
Server only
map "map name" (omit quotes)
Server only
nextmap on
Server only
nextmap off
Server only

Network Commands

0....6. 0 disables (default). Theory is that this command can smooth out a jerky connection by introducing lag.

nettest on
Displays some network info on the game level display
nettest off

Default = 4
Default = 2 lobby parameter - no limit

Cheats (single player only)

Gives access to all SP levels

Sets armor to 200 and absorbs all damage
In SP displays AI names and paths. Turns on run-fast cheat. Not allowed in MP.
Affects: para?, falling, player damage, F10 ends the level immediately, unlimited fuel, bullets, shells, gas & 44f5f0?
All weapons cheat

Valid Codename Eagle command line arguments are:
+host [PORT_VALUE]
+maxplayers 2-30
+name "joe black"
+team "red" [values: red,blue or auto]
+hostname "internal war"
+map "no mans land"
+game"deathmatch" [values: deathmatch,ctf or teamplay]

CE Multiplayer Tricks and Tips

  • High jumping (Two players required). One person stands still, the other tries to jump onto the still guys head (dead centre if possible), the instant he is in position the bottom guy holds down jump. If you are lucky both players shoot upwards. The height you achieve is unlimited but it depends on how centered the top player is.
  • Wing walking. Slow down the plane before getting out. You can refuel/repair a plane by wing walking.
  • Plane pickups. (Good for getting a flag carrier out of danger, fast). Best technique is to hold down right click to avoid being accidentally squished.
  • Surviving freefall without a parachute. Track into a vehicle (hold down right click just before you hit).
  • It is possible to capture a flag by skydiving onto your home flag. You die, but you capture the flag and it’s harder to be killed in free-fall.
  • Most vehicles do not have to be exited in order to capture the flag. But you do have to exit all vehicles to steal the flag in the first place.
  • On the fly repair / refuel. E.g. refuel and repair a plane by doing a touch n go over a repair kit or fuel can (don’t have to slow down either). Similarly with choppers. Shells can also be picked up in this fashion
  • Killing a player with a flag at their base.
  • Making vehicles jump (especially the truck) using turrets is fun.
  • Running on water. Need a machine gun & the parachute. When stopped in the water select and open the parachute. While it is opening press and hold the ‘5’ key. Press forward and you will be moving a run speed over the water.
  • Running under land. At certain points on a map with water, it is possible at a land water junction to get under the land/water.
  • It’s possible to gain altitude very quickly using a chopper by carefully edging up to the Bermuda triangle in “No Mans Land”. Hard to do.
  • Need to land a plane in a short space and time? Then land the plane on its wing tip while braking.

Other tips:

  • Always coordinate attacks with teammates. Don’t attack alone.
  • Staying alive. Find and use the 200 armor. With it you can survive very nasty near direct explosions on foot, where as if a vehicle dies while you are in it, it is certain death.
  • You get 60 points (instead of 20) for capturing the flag with your bases motorcycle.
  • You get 40 points (instead of 20) for capturing the flag with your enemies’ bases motorcycle. (These are bugs)
  • In a bomber, quickly swap to the gun turret to take out an enemy plane coming from behind.
  • Always fly using the mouse for much better maneuverability.
  • Guarding a flag. Drop some det-packs and go hide (learn to use the F4 drop camera to keep your view on the det-packs).
  • Also have a read of the ‘Codename Eagle’ on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page