Monday, July 13, 2009

Codename Eagle Replay Server

This program replays a previously recorded CE multi-player game session within the actual CE game client. The program does this by emulating a CE server and playing back the game session to the client.

This is made possible by the fact thet CE is a 100% server based game in that all shared game variables are server controlled. (The disadvantage of this is that this makes for a horribly laggy internet gaming experience and thus CE can really only be enjoyed as a LAN game. Typically in modern FPS mutli-player game only a percentage of variables will be server based {e.g. projectile positions} and the remaining variables will be client based {e.g. local player world position and orientation}.)

For more information and instructions, refer to the readme file that comes with the replay server program.

{A link to the program to go here}

Screenshot of the CE replay server program:

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Unknown said...

Man! I can't believe People still actually play and/or develop for this mighty fine game. It's a pity it's developers have forsaken it.
Well nice blog you got and the tool looks about awesome. Does this really work?! A youtube video would be awesome.
I'ma add your blog to my blogroll. Keep it up!