Monday, July 13, 2009

Codename Eagle Replay Server

This program replays a previously recorded CE multi-player game session within the actual CE game client. The program does this by emulating a CE server and playing back the game session to the client.

This is made possible by the fact thet CE is a 100% server based game in that all shared game variables are server controlled. (The disadvantage of this is that this makes for a horribly laggy internet gaming experience and thus CE can really only be enjoyed as a LAN game. Typically in modern FPS mutli-player game only a percentage of variables will be server based {e.g. projectile positions} and the remaining variables will be client based {e.g. local player world position and orientation}.)

For more information and instructions, refer to the readme file that comes with the replay server program.

{A link to the program to go here}

Screenshot of the CE replay server program:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Log Replay Tool

This is a small program that will playback a recorded ce multiplayer game in a in 2D map. This program only works for the official CE multiplayer maps (unmodified).

To record a match:

Simply, before joining, replace the intended level's red.scr file with a modified red.scr file that will record a mutlipler game to the CE error.log text file located in c:\

Level numbers are:

Name:No mans land Val:128
Name:Breakpoint Val:129
Name:The palace Val:130
Name:Carrier war Val:131
Name:The airbase Val:132
Name:Fever valley Val:248
Name:Fortress Val:133

E.g. to record a No Man's Land match navigate to the ce\level128 directory and replace red.scr with the one that came with the CE Replay Tool.

NB The red.scr file only needs to be updated/installed on the client PC logging the game.

Then play, kill, win. When finsihed, quit CE, run the CEReplayTool.exe and load c:\error.log.

Thats it.

Enjoy finding out where that darn team-mate went off to at a critical moment.

Technical support is not provided so don't ask

Original map textures cannot redistributed with this program, so dont ask for them either.

Here are some examples of the CE Log Replay Tool:

In the above e.g., player's positions are represented by circles, the higher they are the larger the circle, also, stats like health, armor, ammo & fuel and whether or not a player is carrying the flag are also indicated. The scroll-bar at the bottom controls the replay.

In the bottom e.g. this shows the entire track in an hour long 3vs3 fortress map.

To get the CE Log Replay Program click here (linked updated 21 dec 2011)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Map Editing in Codename Eagle

Currently a work in progress but click the link to see what information I have published so far.